Icebergs and penguins and killer whales…OH MY! Antarctica is the southernmost continent in the world and one of the most remote places, with only a few thousand people living there, almost all of them only part-time! Would you believe, there have only been eleven children born (or at least known) in Antarctica, which makes sense because it’s dark for months at a time and the average winter temperature is -49°C (for reference, your freezer is on average about -15°C…brrrrrrr).

Travelling to Antarctica is an expensive feat, with the most common way to travel there via Cruise Ship tours that are typically around 10-15 days long. But the cruise ships don’t just leave from sunny old Queensland or the Port Melbourne docks…they leave from South America. WHICH MEANS, you first have to get yourself there before you get to go on your Southern Adventure. STA Travel this month is helping you make your South Pole dreams a reality by offering $500 off flights to get you to your tour departure point – whether that be Uruguay or Argentina – slicing a massive chunk off your travel expenses!

For this kind of adventure, any saving is a win, and while it is expensive, it’s also a trip of a lifetime that is WORTH. EVERY. PENNY (or dollar), and one that every person absolutely should do in their life, should they get the chance! So if you’re looking to head to Antarctica, DEFINITELY look at booking through STA Travel and save yourself some cash money while you’re at it!