TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, today released features that help travelers access information about the safety of the neighborhood they’re visiting, as well as country-specific travel logistics for TripIt Pro users, within the TripIt app.

Access Neighborhood Safety ScoresEven Before You Go

Now TripIt shows safety scores from 1 to 100 for neighborhoods around the world, representing low to high risk. These scores cover a variety of categories, such as women’s safety, access to health and medical services, and political freedoms. Travelers will find safety scores for their lodging, restaurant and activity locations within their TripIt app.

“You have enough to think about when traveling, from booking your hotel to making your connecting flight,” said Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt from Concur. “The last thing you want to worry about is the safety of the area you’re visiting. Whether you’ve been there before, or you’re traveling someplace new, we’ll tell you what to expect before you arrive.”

Country-Specific Travel Information Now Available Within Your Itinerary

TripIt Pro makes international travel easier by showing logistics such as embassy information, currency conversions, socket and plug requirements, tipping advice and more—for 180 countries.

“Traveling internationally brings a unique set of challenges that often require hours of research before a trip,” continued Moyse. “We’ve put all of this information right alongside your travel plans to save you time as you’re navigate the nuances of the country you’re visiting.”

To help support users as they travel around the world, TripIt also supports French, German and Japanese confirmation emails. While TripIt remains English-optimized, travelers who receive confirmation emails in these languages will be able to see those plans, alongside all their other plans, right within their TripIt app.

Neighborhood safety scores are available on the Android and iOS mobile apps for all TripIt users. A subscription to TripIt Pro ($49/year) is required to access international travel tools. To learn more about how TripIt Pro can help you stay one step ahead, visit