North Americans’ desire to explore South America is on the rise and for many travelers Ecuador is in their sights. This small, lesser-known country is home to a diversity of wonders from picturesque colonial towns, Amazonian rainforest, the Andean mountains,  volcanoes and to top it all the Galapagos Islands.

Tierra del Volcán is an Ecuadorian tour operator located in Cotopaxi National Park, a magical, untouched tract of the Andes known for the snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano and vast Limpiopungo Lake. Tierra del Volcán specialise in family travel, and use every tour as an opportunity to strengthen bonds and rejuvenate connections.

The 10-day Highlands and islands family Adventure tour, takes place on Tierra del Volcán‘s ancestral land, staying at the century-old traditional working ranch Hacienda El Porvenir. The experience takes families on a journey through two spectacular volcanic environments, a range active pursuits and cultural exchanges with the Chagra, the Ecuadorian cowboys famous for their reverence of the land and worship of the mountains.

Authenticity and adventure are the core of the Tierra del Volcán experience. Travelers can brush up their horseback-riding skills before going on informative rides in the fertile landscape at the foot of Cotopaxi volcanoes. Big and small kids alike can challenge themselves on the high ropes course, tackle mountain bike and hiking trails.

Highlands and islands family Adventure takes families to the ultimate destination for nature and wildlife lovers, the Galapagos Islands. Endemic flora and fauna, close encounters with prehistoric-like animals, knowledgeable guides sharing the fascinating story of Charles Darwin, define this immersive and educational travel experience.

Highlands and islands family Adventure  travels beyond the Galapagos Islands, to Santa Cruz Island for the ultimate snorkelling adventure and hike through the lava tunnels. It also ventures to Isabela Island, known as the ‘enchanted archipelago’ and trailhead for those wanting to trek to the rim of Sierra Negra, the second largest volcanic caldera in the world.

For an additional dose of culture, travellers can add a day of wonder and visit ‘the old town’ of the nation’s capital city of Quito, a Unesco World Heritage site and a fun venue guaranteed to stimulate your sense of wonder and curiosity.

“Sharing the land and culture in which I was born and grew up – with other families is something that comes naturally to me. It really is a case of mi casa es su casa”, says Jorge Perez, Tierra del Volcán’s General Manager.