In an unprecedented collaboration, France, Monaco and Spain, together with the region of Catalonia, Avis Car Rental and Turkish Airlines, have launched the Mediterranean Luxe tourism campaign in May 2018.

With new air transport routes recently added, and Asian travellers ready to explore new regions of Europe in a deeper and more independent way, the Mediterranean Luxe tourism campaign seeks to introduce the endless options offered by the Mediterranean region to the Asian markets.
This new campaign presents a great opportunity for the travel trade to adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape, which has seen its model challenged by online-based competition, catering to a mostly price-sensitive clientele.
With the Mediterranean Luxe programme, trade partners will be able to design itineraries for individual travellers looking to visit Europe off the beaten path, with qualitative, sophisticated and bespoke experiences – including flexible self-drive holidays – that only the Mediterranean can offer. Unique routs for adventurers, foodies, and wellness lovers, such as an all-inclusive 10-day self-drive journey through Ibiza, Barcelona, Marseille, Cannes and Monaco, will be possible with this campaign.