Leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has now booked almost 180 flights for the World Cup in Russia. Flying for teams, fans, sponsors and the media, ACS now has at least one flight going to every single match of the tournament.http://www.tourismlegal.com.au/
Matthew Purton, Commercial Jets Director at ACS, commented: “We have been arranging charter flights for the championship since the group draw was made in December, and we’re still booking them now. As the only company of our kind to have a presence in Russia, we are even working with other brokerages from around the world to source aircraft for their clients.
“Having two offices in the country, as well as being able to deal in the local currency, is really paying dividends – so far we have booked around €8.5 million worth of business for the tournament. We are dealing with more than a third of the national football associations taking part, with many of the teams flying on aircraft chartered through ACS – all of which have flexible return dates, dependent on how far they progress in the tournament!
“We are also quoting for the second wave of charters as teams work out where they will be playing if they are lucky enough to finish top or second in their groups. We have warned everyone that there will then be a rush to secure aircraft availability as soon as their position is confirmed.
“We have already had a busy year of football charters, most recently with 20 aircraft flying for Liverpool and Real Madrid fans to the Champions League Final a few weeks ago, all of which were successfully completed.”