China Mobile Hong Kong continues to lead the mobile communication market with its Bay Area Service Plans. The Greater Bay Area Development Plan has created huge new opportunities in the Guangdong, Hong Kongand Macau region. On top of this, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has announced that inter-provincial data roaming charges will be abolished before 1 July 2018. Recognising the continuous growth in mobile data usage within the region, CMHK has recently introduced the below enhancement:
1. Adds a 20GB Bay Area Service Plan;
2. Adds unlimited data at 128kbps for subscribers to all Bay Area Service Plan tiers;
3. Bay Area Voice Package and Bay Area One Card Multiple Number (1CMN) to lead a hassle free life and to stay connected in Greater bay Area;
4.  New port-in customers will receive complimentary 2GB /5GB mobile data when subscribed to selected Bay Area Service Plan;
5. New port-in customers can enjoy a 50% discount when subscribing Bay Area Service Plan for a second line upon subscription of any Bay Area Service Plan tier.

Shenzhen Bay sea crossing bridge in Shenzhen

CMHK pioneered in launching Hong Kong’sfirst Bay Area Service Plan. CMHK is visionary in the mobile communications market and dedicated to offering quality, affordable telecommunication services to suit the needs of all customers. The Bay Area Service Plan allows residents and business travellers in the Greater Bay Area to enjoy 6GB mobile data in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau for a monthly fee of HK$198, cheaper than similar service plans on the market. To meet surging demand for mobile data in the Greater Bay Area, CMHK now offers a complimentary add-on of unlimited mobile data at 128kbps for all subscribers to 1GB, 3GB, 6GB & 10GB Bay Area service plans as well as for subscribers to the new 20GB service plan tier (refer to Appendix 1 for details). This is certain to greatly enhance the continuity and flexibility of data usage for all CMHK customers.
In addition, CMHK provides the Bay Area Voice Package. For a monthly fee of HK$48, users can enjoy unlimited free incoming calls from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau plus 100 inclusive minutes of outgoing calls, so customers can stay connected with business partners and relatives in the Greater Bay Area. For a monthly fee of HK$18, Bay Area One Card Multiple Number(1CMN) allows customers to add a Mainland China or Macau phone number, which is an essential requirement when applying for bank accounts in Mainland China, and is also necessary for many online payment and reservation tools for both business and personal use. Thanks to this service, customers will be able to access the Greater Bay Area with utmost ease.
All new port-in customers will receive complimentary 2GB/ 5GB/ 5GB mobile data upon their subscription to 6GB/ 10GB/ 20GBBay Area Service Plan and can enjoy a 50% discount when subscribing Bay Area Service Plan for a second line upon subscription of any Bay Area Service Plan tier (both lines should be registered under the same applicant).