Indian government has introduced e-Visa on gratis for Indonesia nationals with effect from 18 June  2018. The reciprocal action is to the gratis e-Visa being extended by Indonesia government to Indian nationals since two years.

Mr Ade Sukendar, Consul General, Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia, Mumbai, said:  “It’s a welcome gesture. More than 500,000 Indians visited Indonesia last year and we expect the    number to grow to 700,000 this year. On the contrary, only 35,000 Indonesians visited India and we would like to see more of our countrymen visit India to enjoy many great cultural similarities and attractions. Recent visit by Indian Prime Minister Modi to Indonesia has fostered deeper ties between the two countries.”

Garuda Indonesia started Mumbai Bali direct flights on 23 April this year. A third flight was added  this month to initial twice weekly flights. The flight operated by Airbus A330-200 aircraft has two class configurations with flatbed service in business class. The airline offers extensive domestic connections to 69 destinations in the island nation of Indonesia.

Mr Sampriyanto, Station & Services Manager, Garuda Indonesia, Mumbai, told eGTMedia: “It is indeed a great news as this will help increase loads on our return flights to India. Higher capacities will eventually   bring down fares, attracting more visitors from both sides.”

Indonesia has deep cultural influences from Indian origin rulers during the first millennium. Balinese continuing to practicing Hindu traditions in the world’s biggest Islamic country is testimony to the  bonding between the two cultures. The region is most popular with Indian tourists and also gets worldwide tourists to its beautiful, natural and cultural attractions.

More visitations happening between the two countries are expected to boost trade, business and  tourism between India and Indonesia. E-Visa can be applied through

Written by Anand & Madhura Katti