Hammons Holdings, the new concessionaire of the tourism activities on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, today confirmed the tour packages that will be available for tourists and tour groups.

 From 1 October 2018, the following packages will be available: 


New Experience

Current Offering *

1.5hr Lower Arch Tour

BridgeClimb® Sampler

3.5hr Daytime Summit Tour

BridgeClimb® Day

3.5hr Night Summit Tour

BridgeClimb® Night

3.5hr Twilight Summit Tour

BridgeClimb® Twilight

3.5hr Dawn Summit Tour

BridgeClimb® Dawn

2 ¼ hr Fast Summit Tour

BridgeClimb® Express

3.5hr [Mandarin] Summit Tour

Mandarin (3.5hrs)

2 ¼ hr [Mandarin] Fast Summit Tour

Mandarin (2.15hrs)

 Hammons Holdings CEO, David Hammon said “over time, innovative and extended experiences of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will also be made available to tour groups, improving on those offered today.

“As the new operator of Sydney Harbour Bridge Tourism, Hammons Holdings guarantees that all bookings for the period from 1 October 2018 made at the presently agreed price, date and time with BridgeClimb® will be honoured.

“We have asked that all tour guide operators confirm with us their existing bookings and reservations for guided walks and other activities on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the period commencing on 1 October 2018. The team at Hammons Holdings will be working through all bookings and tour operators can rest assured that we are busily working around the clock to ensure a smooth handover.

“If tour guide operators have any questions they should contact our bookings team on 1800 955 000 or at tickets@hammonsholdings.com.au,” Mr Hammon concluded.