In very exciting news, Lorraine Lea has been recognised for its outstanding contribution to the Direct Selling  Industry,  by  the  country’s  leading  representative  body,  Direct  Selling  Australia  (DSA),  at  the  2018  Industry  Awards.  

Lorraine Lea is the recipient of the Industry with a Heart  Award,  this  award  recognises  a  member  company  that  has  made  a  measurable  impact  on  an  Australian  Not-for-Profit  organisation.

After raising more than $1 million for Camp Quality, in early 2018 Lorraine Lea entered into a new partnership with The Kids Cancer Project to help, through it’s fundraising efforts, provide financial support towards finding better treatments and ultimately, a cure for childhood-specific cancers.

The Lorraine Lea annual Party for Kids with Cancer® fundraising appeal is held each June and is an initiative that inspires community participation and spirit, while raising much-needed funds and awareness for childhood cancer projects.

Australia’s Executive  Director,  Gill  Stapleton,  explains  why  Lorraine  Lea  is  the  recipients  of  the  Industry  with  a  Heart  Award  for  2018.   “With over half  a  million  people  engaged  with  member  companies,  the  majority  of  whom  are  women  and  mums,  we  understand  the  importance  of  family.  Cancer  affects  countless  lives,  and  in  an  industry,  so  focused  on  people,  we couldn’t  have  selected  a  better  recipient  for  the  Industry  with  a  Heart  Award  this  year.  Lorraine  Lea  is  invested  in  people  –  from  their  consultants  to  their  families,  they  empower  their  network  to  run  a  successful  business  and  encourage  thousands  to  give  back  to  a  worthwhile  cause.”

The Son of Lorraine Lea Founder Peter Ryan, Adrian Ryan in accepting the award explains, “this charity  is  very  close  to  my  heart;  and  it  is  a  privilege  to  see  the  positive  impact  it  can  have  on  the  children  and  families  that  are  fighting  the  battle  with  cancer.  I  am  truly  moved  by  the  dedication  and  generosity  of  our Leaders, Stylists and Hosts.  Thank  you  to  everyone  that  has  contributed  in  some way”.

To  learn  more  about  Lorraine  Lea  and  how  you  can  get  involved  in  their  fundraising  efforts  to  support  The  Kids Cancer Campaign,  visit or call 1800 641 089.