‘The Points Whisperer’ and reward travel expert Steve Hui, CEO of iFLYflat, is encouraging Australian small business owners to take advantage of new online payments solution B2Bpay and boost their credit card and Qantas Points.

He says most businesses don’t understand how far the points they earn from paying their bills by card can take them. It is possible to fly business class anywhere in the world, simply by using points earnt from paying bills.

“Using points is the cheapest and smartest way to fly business class and paying the ATO and other taxes with B2Bpay is an opportunity not to be missed,” he says.

“At iFLYflat we make Business class affordable for SME’s. By using B2Bpay to pay invoices, business owners can travel in style regularly without an uncomfortable price.  With the ability to earn Qantas Points as well as credit card points, business owners can be rewarded faster with business class flights just for running their business.”

B2Bpay has been launched in partnership with Qantas Business Rewards and makes earning Qantas Points and credit card points on all business spend easy and rewarding. B2Bpay even allows businesses to earn full credit card points when paying the ATO, insurance and telcos, and keeps all business bills together in one place.

Paying bills using traditional payment methods, or paying bills directly to suppliers, means businesses will miss out on accruing all the valuable credit card and Qantas Points possible using the new B2Bpay online portal.

“B2Bpay is a great tool for earning points when paying suppliers.  What’s more, I’m earning full credit card points and additional Qantas Points when I pay the ATO. I only wish this was possible a lot earlier,” adds Hui.

“I see earning points as a “Use it or Lose it” scenario. If you don’t earn the points now, you cannot retrospectively claim those points back, those points are lost forever until your next payment,” says Hui.

Kevin Butler, General Manager of B2Bpay, says businesses can earn 10,000 bonus Qantas Points on their first $10,000 in total payments with B2Bpay before 31 July.

With B2Bpay business owners can maximise credit card rewards on all payments in addition to boosting cash flow, productivity and tracking of business expenses.

B2Bpay is available to businesses across Australia. For more information and to take advantage of the B2Bpay portal when paying bills, visit B2Bpay.com.au