Routehappy by ATPCO and KDS today announced a multi-year subscription deal for Routehappy to further enhance content delivered in the KDS Neo solution. The partnership, which brings together the industry standard for airline rich content with the leading supplier of integrated online business travel management solutions, will see Routehappy’s Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs), and at a later stage Amenities, incorporated in the booking flow so travelers can more quickly and easily make their flight shopping decisions.
KDS has been testing the integration over the last month and will launch Routehappy’s rich content later this summer. KDS Neo users will first see UTA information appear in flight search results. UTAs provide easy-to-understand information by fare about benefits and restrictions like cancellation rules, baggage allowance, upgrade eligibility, check in/boarding priority, and more, making it easier for KDS Neo users to see important ticket attributes associated with each flight.
Annicka Lofstrand, VP Sales NEUR and Global Partners at KDS said: “The user experience is at the forefront of everything we do at KDS.  We continually look at ways to further enhance the usability of KDS Neo. Routehappy provides us with accurate, high-quality, and precisely targeted UTA data, which streamlines the process of displaying accurate and comprehensive airline content. With simple calls to Routehappy’s API we can seamlessly integrate this data into our solution. By providing more information at the time of booking, KDS is once again bringing a higher standard flight shopping experience to our business customers.”
“The integration of Routehappy standardized rich content by KDS, one of the most innovative business travel companies in the world, is another step towards a more differentiated and less commoditized shopping experience. Business travelers, nearly more than any other type of flyer need this detailed information when buying flights. Marrying the ability to stay productive and also stay in company travel policy fills a big hole for corporate travelers,” said Jonathan Savitch, Chief Commercial Officer at Routehappy by ATPCO.