Last year Bridget Walsh was a candidate for Australia’s unluckiest travel consultant. After winning a coveted spot on a TravelCube famil to Dubai she was just 20 minutes from Brisbane Airport – on her way to board her Emirates flight – when her car aquaplaned across the highway and smashed into a concrete barrier.

At the time Walsh was living in Toowoomba, a two-hour drive from Brisbane Airport, and had left home in the dark and in driving rain to make the 2am departure. Instead of been pampered by flight crew she ended up been tended by hospital staff.

“I was actually really lucky because I wasn’t hurt,” she says. “My car was a write-off and I had to go back the next day to prize open the boot and retrieve my bag. But if I had been driving earlier in the day, when other cars were on the highway, it could have been much worse.”

The good news is that Walsh – who now works for Flight Centre Castle Plaza in Adelaide – is finally on her way to the United Arab Emirates after winning a place on TravelCube’s latest Dubai incentive trip.

A total of 10 travel agents secured spots on this year’s trip by selling the highest number of Dubai room nights during April and May. The winners include:

  • Bridget Walsh (Flight Centre Castle Plaza)
  • Quwat ali Hazara Nejad (Bamyan Air Travels)
  • Gina Braga (Braga Travel)
  • Kate Innes (CBC Travel)
  • Mary Mansour (AM World Travel)
  • Elysia Luong (Ananda Travel)
  • Jenna Johnson (Travel Associates West Lakes)
  • Sharyn Crawford (Allround Travel Centre)
  • Susan Wilson (Flight Centre Mackay)
  • Eliza Frances Grace (Flight Centre Kinross)

The agents will now travel to Dubai later this year as guests of TravelCube and Dubai Tourism on a luxurious five-day journey that includes return flights on Emirates, five nights’ luxury accommodation and a variety of exciting day tours.

Walsh says she’s not taking any chances with this year’s flight.

“I live in the middle of Adelaide now and I’m only 10 minutes away from the airport. Either way, I’m catching a taxi, just to be on safe side.”