Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd. announced today the launch of QLED TV Q6F series in Hong Kong. Being part of Samsung’s flagship QLED TV series, Q6F TV offers the first-ever 49-inch screen size, which corresponds to the living environment in Hong Kong apart from sustaining Samsung’s offering of superb picture quality. It allows customers to optimize their use of space and enjoy quality entertainment experience.

“Samsung always takes consumer needs at the earliest stage of design process and is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the market. Addressing both design and functionality with the QLED TV series, Samsung is committed to developing exceptional display quality, design and smart features,” said Ellen Fu, Vice President, CE & Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. “The latest Q6F TV series as such blends with different households with its offering of first-ever 49-inch screen size, letting customers enjoy supreme entertainment experience without space restrictions.”

The newly arrived QLED TV Q6F series provides customers with three screen sizes to choose from: 49-inch, 55-inch, and 75-inch. Same as other models of the 2018 QLED TV series, QLED TV Q6F series features Quantum Dot technology and supports 4K HDR 10+, which replicates a wide color spectrum with 100% color volume and provides the most precise brightness control respectively. Q6F TV series brings to light vivid colors at their best and transforms any household into a private space for amusement, enabling customers to enjoy such quality entertainment with their friends and families while shaping the perfect modern home. In particular, the first ever QLED TV in size of 49-inch tallies with the living environment in Hong Kong and allows customers to flexibly decorate their homes and add to them a brand new mode of entertainment. Q6F TV series is also installed with ambient mode, which detects the design of the surrounding wall with smart devices and brings about a perfect blend of the TV display and household design, thereby helping customers to create an ideal home with a touch of modernistic hues.

QLED TV Q6F Series Availability and Suggested Retail Price:

Model Size Suggested Retail Price Available Date
QA75Q6FNAJXZK 75” To be announced End of July
QA55Q6FNAJXZK 55” HK$18,980 June 29
QA49Q6FNAJXZK 49” HK$14,980 June 29