Tradewinds Voyages, in what it has described as a necessary decision, due to no clarity by the Australian Government’s regarding cruising, has postponed Golden Horizon’s upcoming Australian season.

They are stressing though this is a postponement, not a cancellation of its Australia summer season, which included a circumnavigation of Australia, and has launched plans to replicate the planned 2021/22 Australian summer season of the Golden Horizon, in the summer of 2022/23.

Tradewinds Voyages says the move is good news for the hundreds of adventurous Australians who had booked one of the 14 sailings around our shores planned from December, 2021, to February, 2022, aboard the 272-guest Golden Horizon, with Tradewind Voyages offering guests the opportunity to book the same itinerary in 2022/23 in the same cabin and at the same price.

Tradewinds Voyages told Global Travel Media that the continued uncertainty about the resumption of cruising in Australia forced them to postpone Golden Horizon’s maiden 2021/22 summer season in Australia, with Tradewind Voyages Head of Sales in the UK, Mark Schmitt saying, “It is with regret that we announce that we will have to postpone our forthcoming season to Australia until the following summer in 2022/2023”.

He added, “We are saddened to delay our arrival but the Australian Government has paused the operation of cruise lines with no clarity regarding the possible resumption of cruising”, and “However, we fully intend to sail the beautiful Golden Horizon to Australia in December 2022 and are now working as fast as possible to reframe the planned 2022/23 season to offer very similar itineraries to those we had planned for this summer in Australia.”

He said, “We hope to have our revised 2022/23 Australian season confirmed by the end of October, 2021”, and “Our priority is to look after our affected booked guests, so we trust this opportunity to automatically transfer bookings to the new dates at the same fares on similar itineraries in 2022/23 will provide some certainty and give them something to look forward to next year.”

As the exclusive Australian representative for Tradewind Voyages, Cruise Traveller Managing Director, Craig Bowen says Cruise Traveller has already contacted all affected Australian guests and travel agents, notifying them of the planned offer to automatically rebook in 2022/23 and that guests booked for the recently announced 2022/23 Australian season will also be offered the opportunity to move their bookings to the new, revised 2022/23 schedule.

Bowen, said his team was working hard to look after all affected guests and agents in Australia, adding, “The last 18 months have delivered a complex set of disappointing circumstances for travellers and travel agents in Australia,” and “Last minute cancellations and complicated rebooking or refund conditions have caused considerable frustration, anxiety and additional work for all involved, however, to see Tradewind Voyages deliver a well-considered postponement in a timely manner with such favourable rebooking conditions is in keeping with what I have come to expect from Tradewind ever since we started working together early in 2020.”

He also said, “I don’t for a second underestimate the disappointment guests are feeling at the deferment of their adventure to the following summer but from recent enquiries and discussions we have had with those booked, I genuinely feel most will feel relieved knowing that when they do get to sail, travelling life will be safer and more predictable than it currently is.”

Designed to recapture the golden era of sailing ships, Tradewind Voyages says that the brand new, 162m-long Golden Horizon has already commenced its inaugural season in the UK and Europe, boasting golden masts that soar 64m above the sea and support 6300 square metres of billowing sails, with the majestic square-rigger boasts a gourmet cuisine restaurant, three pools, gym, library, spa sanctuary, four bars and a marina platform.

They also said that while brand new and luxurious, the graceful ship retains the charm, adventure and romance of an historic ship with an onboard ambience that is intimate, relaxed and casually elegant and committed to sustainability, the ship is powered solely by nature whenever possible, providing an authentic sailing experience.

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A breaking news report by John Alwyn-Jones, Cruise Editor, Global Travel Media and Global Cruise News.