The Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) in Sayabouly, Laos has announced that Mae Khoun Noy gave birth to a calf in the ECC’s home in the Nam Tien forest on 4 October. ECC is also seeking support for the recent addition, a gift of hope, and proof of perseverance and hard work for the conservation of this highly endangered species.

The mother Mae Khoun Noy, a 49-year-old cow, was rescued in 2018, when traffickers tried to smuggle her, along with 12 other elephants, to Dubai Safari Park. The government sought help from the ECC, Laos’ only sanctuary that offers an undisturbed natural environment with professional staff, and world-class facilities to protect and breed Asian elephants.

According to the ECC staff, each birth is an emotional celebration of 20 years of teamwork that has blended science, research, compassion, and struggle to create a ‘formula’ for success for the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-wilding of Laos’ captive elephants.

This is the second birth at ECC over the past year, but the recent additions come at a cost, and Covid-19 has crippled the center’s revenue stream, which counted on tourism. This has prompted them to turn to crowdsource.

To find out how you can help and learn more about the births, visit the Baby Elephant Laos GoFundMe page.