As the world will become more vaccinated against coronavirus, the border restrictions that have hampered travel for the previous two years are being lifted.

With the return of international travel, airlines are busier than ever, and some of the world’s largest companies are now conducting enormous recruiting drives.

So, have you ever dreamed to work for a world-class airline based in dazzling Dubai and flying around the world? Here is your chance to try.

Emirates, located in cosmopolitan Dubai, has announced plans to hire around 6000 additional employees to meet the significant increase in demand.

However, the airline understands how competitive the market is, and since Emirates is in the Middle East rather than Australia, Europe, or the United States, the airline is giving various extravagant incentives to entice employees to pack their belongings and go offshore.

Emirates will add 6000 new employees to its operational personnel over the next six months, including pilots, cabin crew, engineering professionals, and ground workers to assist the airline ramp up operations throughout the world.

Even before you find out whether you’ve been hired by Emirates, the airline simplifies the interview process.

Emirates crew interviews take conducted across three days in Dubai, with the airline giving an economy class ticket for both the applicant and their spouse, as well as the opportunity to upgrade to business class.

Emirates pilots are all stationed in the airline’s Dubai hub, which the company describes as “home to a community of expatriates and local pilots, who are treated with the same service that our customers experience.”

Before each flight, pilots are carried by luxury vehicle to the briefing facility, and children of Emirates pilots have access to private schooling, with the airline paying to school expenses.

A door-to-door bus service is also available, regardless of where the children reside in the city.

Emirates provides nine flight simulators for pilots to train on, including the Boeing 777 and A380.

Emirates also provides completely furnished apartments and villas for its employees, as well as access to globally accredited schools and a health facility particularly intended to provide basic healthcare, dental treatments, and medicines to Emirates employees.

Flight attendants are also supplied with free accommodation, which includes water, power, and television.

Flight attendants might be assigned to one of more than 50 buildings located around Dubai.

Two or three colleagues of the same gender share a two- or three-bedroom apartment, each with their own bedroom but sharing the kitchen and living space.

Flight attendants may also have two family members come at the same time and remain in their accommodations for a total of 30 days twice a year.

Oh, one more enticing fact: both pilots and flight attendants are paid tax-free.

Emirates claimed in a statement that the big hiring boom was the result of a “sooner-than-expected rise in consumer demand.”

Emirates has now recovered 90% of its network and is on schedule to restore 70% of its pre-pandemic capacity by the end of 2021.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO of Emirates estimated that the airline will be back to full capacity by mid-2022.

“Emirates has always been at the centre of Dubai’s expansion.” Our necessity for 6000 more operational workers reflects the rapid revival of Dubai’s economy.

“We have been prudently recovering our operations in accordance with the borders re-opening and ease of travel standards, and with the good indicators in the economic recovery and continued rise of demand, we are hoping that we will be back to where we were pre-pandemic, by mid-2022.”

Emirates launched its worldwide recruiting effort in September, asking for an additional 3000 cabin crew and 500 airport services professionals to join its Dubai hub.

The airline is currently aiming to hire 700 more ground workers in Dubai, 600 trained pilots, and 1200 experienced technical professionals, including aircraft engineers and engineering support staff, to work in Dubai and outstations.

Emirates, the world’s biggest operator of both the Boeing 777 and the A380 aircraft, presently operates 263 widebody jets, and the airline has several additional planes on order to fulfil future demand, including Airbus A350s, Boeing 787-9s, and Boeing 777-X planes.

Joe Cusmano

Joe Cusmano is the Editor of Stray Nomad. Having spent 30 years in the airline’s industry and having lived in 8 countries and 5 continents he is a true stray nomad and a jet fuel junkie who loves travel. He is a coffee and shopping addict and a lover of modern art.